Mindfulness Based Exposure and Response Prevention

Mindfulness Based Exposure and Response Prevention


Date: 2019 dates to be confirmed

Time: 9am - 4pm - please arrive between 8:45am and 9:00am for a 9am start.

Location: Conference Room - Ground Floor, 685 Burke Road Camberwell VIC 3124.

Places are limited to only 10 participants to preserve the ability to work together to develop skills.

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As I speak with colleagues about the challenges of working with people with OCD, the consensus is clear - each and every one of them tell me that OCD is a condition they try to keep away from because working with it is hard.  It does not have to be that way. I've put together this workshop to support you through learning and expanding on your skills to work with this condition.

After nearly 10 years of working with people with OCD, you'd think I'd be sick of it by now - but I'm not - In fact, I think I become more passionate about it the longer I work with this population. Working with this population is challenging, but when you're walking with clients through their journey up the mountain of OCD - the view from the top is that much sweeter!

So, join us for this workshop as we learn to walk up the mountain together.  In the workshop you'll watch videos, be given links to resources, as well as be given a session outline and client ready handouts that have been tried and tested to use in treatment. You will also be granted access to my OCD Clinician peer support group that has been set up on Facebook.  If you want in, register for the workshop and I'll see you on the day!

More about the Workshop:

Aim/s Objectives: The aim of this workshop is to provide attendees with a clear and concise model that will help guide treatment for Obsessive Compulsive and Related Disorders.  The following learning outcomes are expected to be covered:

(i)              Understand OCD within a practical client-friendly framework

(ii)             Develop skills in working with clients to create hierarchies

(iii)            Develop skills in applying mindfulness based principles with ERP

(iv)            Develop skills in constructing ERP tasks from a mindfulness based perspective

(v)             Developing skills to overcome common hurdles in treatment

Approach: This session will be presented in an interactive manner whereby case examples will be discussed including video presentations of ERP in action.  Experiential exercises will also be conducted to demonstrate mindfulness based concepts that are helpful and ERP friendly.

The learning outcomes of this workshop will contribute to participants continuing professional development by increasing awareness that is needed to deal with the intricacies of Obsessive Compulsive and Related Disorders.  The workshop is suitable for allied health students, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Mental Health Nurses, and other professionals working with people with OCD and their families.  

CPD: 6 Hours

Please note that lunch and refreshments will be provided for this workshop.  Please ensure to note any dietary requirements when completing the registration form if needed.  

Student discounts apply - please contact the clinic directly on (03) 9882-8874 if you are a student and wish to attend the workshop.